Online training: bespoke 45-minute courses



Online courses with a live trainer to help you get to the bottom of a subject.  The cost of this course is for an individual, but please get in touch with us to discuss pricing for more than one person.

We will create a bespoke training package for you lasting just under an hour and covering any one of the following topics:

The six key principles of Project Management

  • Vision, benefits and objectives
  • Time, cost and quality
  • How the principles are applied
  • The project sponsor vs. the project manager
  • Three kinds of service – pulling your levers

Creating a high-level schedule

  • Identifying the tasks
  • Assigning the tasks
  • Ordering the tasks
  • Dependencies and the Critical Path
  • Optimising your plan

Money management – building & tracking your budget

  • The anatomy of a cost plan
  • Building the budget
  • Risk and contingency allowances
  • Tracking & forecasting

Hell is other people – managing the team

  • Who’s on the team (and what do they do)?
  • Team vs. stakeholders
  • Missing roles
  • The RACI matrix
  • Dealing with difficult people

Your Hidden Weaponry – Project Governance and Controls

  • Setting baselines
  • Managing change
  • The Project Organisation
  • Checkpoints and gateways

Risk management – an introduction

  • What is a risk? (and what isn’t)
  • The PIG – assessing and prioritising risks
  • Mitigating risk

Courses are delivered via Zoom.  Please contact us to design your course and we’ll get you booked in!

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