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Here is a selection of the videos we have recorded where you can find all sorts of project management tips, tricks, explainers and advice.

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Introduction to The Everyday Project Manager – how to deliver successful projects with training 

Who the blimmin’ heck are we? Let our Jeremy explain…

Trust Me on the Objectives – Why PM Objectives are SO Important!

The objectives are the project. They are the thing you must go back to when you are in trouble. They are the thing you must revise in order to make a decision. Just trust me on the objectives!

In 3 minutes, Jeremy takes you through:

  • why objectives are so important
  • how to manage them
  • how you can use them to problem solve and…
  • what to do if you take over a project that doesn’t have objectives

Top 5 Tips for Kicking Off a Successful Project

Whether it’s a huge IT rollout or a kitchen extension, this short video will talk you through some easy things you can do to set your project up for success. Because in our experience, projects go wrong when these 5 things haven’t been considered.

We look at:

  • asking ‘what does finished look like?’
  • How do we get there?
  • Time, cost and quality
  • Your team members and the scary one…
  • What could go wrong?!


Explainer: Sponsor and Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between the Project Manager and the Project Sponsor? What do they both do? And why is clear distinction between the roles important?

This is a question we get asked a lot, so we filmed this handy little 3 minute explainer to define the two roles and bust some myths about who does what.

Explainer: What is the Critical Path in Project Management? 

What actually is the Critical Path? And how do you find it? Here’s our Jeremy with a 3 minute explainer to tell you:

  • What it means and how to find the critical path in your schedule
  • How it can change throughout the project lifecycle and…
  • How tasks can move on and off the Critical Path

Now that sounds like a good use of 3 minutes to me!

Explainer: Risks, Issues and Non-Risks 

What should you be worrying about on your project? And how should you respond to the different risks and issues that crop up?

You’ll learn the difference between Risks and Issues and, most importantly, why your response as Project Manager needs to be different for each. And we’ll touch on Non-Risks and what on earth you do about them.

Who Should I Have on my Project Team?

So, you’ve got your project and now you need to build a team, but who should be on it? What roles are essential? And is Chief Biscuit Supplier one of them?! We take you through the project dream team.

  • Who discovers what the project needs to deliver?
  • Who has the expertise in this area?
  • Who is doing the work to create the end product?
  • Who is managing the impact on stakeholders?
  • Who will own and maintain the product when the project is over?

Project Management Acronyms Explained 

“The UAT resources are T&M, that should go on our RAID ASAP”

Ever been in a meeting where conversations like this have happened around you and thought to yourself “WTAF?!”

Every business and industry uses acronyms to refer to regular terms quickly, and this is useful if everyone in the room understands what they mean, but if you are new to your company or industry it can be confusing! Luckily, Jeremy has explained what the Top 10 Project Management Acronyms mean and how they are used.

Using a Cost Plan for Simple Budget Management

We’re always banging on about Cost Plans and how bloomin’ useful they are, but how do you actually set one up and use it for your projects? Here’s our Jeremy with a quick tutorial.

He takes you through what should be included in your cost plan and how to use it to stay on top of your budget.

And you already know about our free Cost Plan template, right?

4 Steps to Building a Simple Project Budget 

Our most popular video by miles! An 8 minute wonder to make budgeting a doddle.

If you’ve got budgeting anxiety, then grab a cuppa and give this a watch, you’ll have a rough budget sorted before your tea is cold.

We take you through:

  • Initial steps
  • Estimating costs
  • Calculating spend over time
  • Adding contingency and risk
  • Updating and re-forecasting your budget

Reporting Issues is NOT Failure!

I’ll say it again: “Reporting issues is NOT an admission of failure!”

It’s one of the strongest tools at your disposal.

In 3 minutes, Jeremy reads from The Everyday Project Manager book and shares some great advice like: what to do when you discover an issue on your project? And what is likely to happen if you ignore it or keep it quiet?

Project Manager Q&A: How Can I Engage People in Business Change?

Do you need help getting colleagues to engage with and support your project?

Jeremy discusses:

  • Why you need to understand the project benefits
  • The role of the Project Sponsor
  • Communicating with people
  • How this relates to IT projects

And he asks the question; does the business actually NEED to be engaged with your project?!

Featuring the lovely Nicola Spooner of The Search Project.

Project Manager Q&A: How Can I Support a PM who has Lost the Confidence of the Team?

Do you manage project managers? Are you a Head of Projects or Delivery? Do you know how to support a staff member when things go wrong?

This Q&A covers:

  • Understanding why stakeholders have lost confidence in this PM
  • Helping the PM to use project management to bring the project back under control
  • Behavioural reasons this perception might have spread
  • What will give stakeholders confidence in this staff member again?

 Featuring the lovely Nicola Spooner of The Search Project.

Project Manager Q&A: How Can I Transition Stakeholders to BAU? (And away from me?!) 

Are you a victim of your own success?! Have you managed your project so well that people keep coming to you instead of following the BAU process?

Uh-oh. Sounds like you’ve become known as The Person The Gets Stuff Done.

Fear not! We have some handy tips for gently easing the team into BAU and writing yourself out of the story after you’ve delivered the project.

Featuring the lovely Nicola Spooner of The Search Project.

Want to learn about projects? – Project management training using real world experience 

Want to learn about project management for work? Or how to run personal projects at home?

Our courses are fun, practical and easy to follow, here’s a brief run down of some of the stuff we can offer to make your projects sing.

Project Manager Q&A: How Do You Tell Your Managers That You Can’t Take on More Work?

What can you do when you are at (or above) capacity? We have a helpful… and a slightly unhelpful answer to this!

This Q&A covers:

  • Managing upwards
  • Communications and stakeholder relationships
  • Building good relationships with your line manager and sponsor
  • Jeremy’s real-world experiences of what has happened when he’s had too much work on

Featuring the lovely Nicola Spooner of The Search Project.

Project Manager Q&A: The Time, Cost & Quality Dilemma 

What advice would you give to a project manager who has been given a tight deadline and a huge amount of scope to deliver?

Oh, that old foe, the Time, Cost & Quality Dilemma! Fear not, our Jeremy has some quick tips for how to find the wiggle room in the iron triangle:

This Q&A covers:

  • The Time, Cost & Quality triangle
  • Risk management
  • The options available to you if time, cost and quality are locked down
  • Phased delivery approaches

Featuring the lovely Nicola Spooner of The Search Project.

How to Run a Brilliant Project Kick Off Meeting

In this video you will learn:

  • What is a project kick off meeting?
  • Why should you hold a project kick off meeting?
  • Who should attend the meeting? And why?
  • How to start your team off on the right foot and feeling motivated
  • How to ensure your team know what’s expected of them
  • How to identify the gaps in your team
  • Who should run the project kick off meeting? And why?

Project Manager Q&A: What if I don’t have the resources to deliver?

What if you don’t have the resources, by which we mean people(!), to actually deliver the project?

This Q&A covers:

  • The Time, Cost & Quality triangle
  • How a lack of resource affects time
  • How a lack of resource affects quality
  • Where to look for the wiggle room
  • Considering the risk of project failure

Featuring the lovely Nicola Spooner of The Search Project.

Explainer: Projects and Programmes: What’s the Difference?

Sometimes people refer to a large project as a “programme” but what’s the actual definition?

This video covers:

  • What is a project?
  • What is a programme?
  • How do projects and programmes work together?
  • Examples of types of project that you might find within a programme

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