Why Choose Us?

Let us count the reasons...

We get it. There are a lot of courses out there and a lot of training providers.  What makes us so special?  You’ll be pleased to know: LOTS OF THINGS.

Some lovely, lovely folk have said very kind things about our courses on our Trustpilot page here:

Lovely things people have said

Whilst we could wax lyrical, here are some of the reasons we think you’ll love an Everyday Project Manager course.


We will teach you how to deliver projects - not how to pass an exam.


Training is by an experienced project manager so they speak from experience - not from theory.


We explain the simple techniques that will help you succeed - and cut out the jargon.

Life Skill

Project management is a life skill - not just a profession. We teach you how to apply these skills to life.

No Exam

Our courses do not include any tests or exams. This is about helping you to understand how projects work - not testing your memory.

Open to all

You don’t need to be a certified project manager to run a project. Regardless of your job title, we'll help you become a great project manager.


We like to keep things light and enjoyable. It's no more fun for us to lecture you than it is for you. Our courses will engage your smiles as well as your minds.


We don't hit and run. We offer one-to-one services and other tools to help embed what you've learnt and support you as you learn more.


We can adjust the course to meet the specific needs of an individual or organisation. Because one size doesn't fit all.

Well, that's nine good reasons.

Even Jason Donovan could only muster one more than that. Ready to learn more? Let's show you the courses...