It’s good to have a hobby.  

We all need something to keep us grounded when the stress and overwhelm of our working lives comes looking for us. 

I play jazz piano.  For me, it is the perfect hobby.  I mean, in its own right, it’s a perfect hobby, but also as a compliment to my job.  Here are some thoughts on why having a hobby is so important and what qualities the ‘perfect’ hobby should have:

1.) It is completely ‘other’ from my job.

If I were a jazz-pianist, this would be a terrible hobby.

2.) It allows me to switch off my brain.

When I’m playing, my brain is not thinking about work. Or the kids. Or anything else.

3.) It uses muscles and a mode of thinking I don’t otherwise use.

Sort of. I’m a pretty good typist and I’m sure that’s at least in part due to the piano playing. Or vice versa. But when I’m playing piano, I am using my hands, arms, feet and so on in a way that I do not typically use them.

In summary – it’s good to have a hobby. What’s your hobby, and how does it support (or relieve) your job?

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