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We all, at one time or another, need to deliver a project. It might be building a garden shed, putting on a show or event, moving house, preparing for a wedding, or any of the numerous things in life that require a bit of thought and preparation.

All of these things become less stressful with even the most basic understanding of how to deliver projects. You don’t need to be a famous chef in order to bake a cake, but having an understanding of the basics of cookery will help you get a better result each time. You don’t need to be an accountant to manage the family budget, but knowing how to use a spreadsheet will make it considerably easier.

And so it follows that you don’t need to be a professional project manager to benefit from an understanding of what makes projects tick and apply them to the projects in your life.

Welcome to the world of The Everyday Project Manager.

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Published by Routledge Press.

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In The Everyday Project Manager, author and project management expert Jeremy Nicholls shares the key attributes and skills of successful project management and describes the practical skills that will enhance project delivery regardless of your level of experience.

The skills and concepts detailed in this book can be easily understood and implemented. They are “everyday” (that is, commonplace) skills, but they are skills and the concepts that the best project managers use every day.

Each chapter details the concepts, practices, and tools that readers will use to build their proficiency in every phase of delivering a project efficiently and effectively.

Using real-world examples from Jeremy’s extensive career in project management, he shows you how to apply them to everyday projects. Diagrams ensure that tricky concepts are easily understood and chapter summaries consolidate your new knowledge and allow you to flick through and revise topics quickly.

All planning and tracking documents referenced in the book are available for free download from this website, with links provided in the book so you can find exactly what you need to get your project off the ground and running smoothly from the very beginning.

There’ll be no more groans when you’re handed a big work project ever again, with the tools that we have to offer you’ll love project management so much you’ll be asking your boss for more!

Preview book

Published by Routledge Press.

Also available via Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and many more…!